Chilli Garlic and me

Crispy Fried Sausages

Sunday, 28th April, 2013
Shifting base from Delhi to Pune kept me away from my kitchen and blogging for almost a month. As soon as I opened my kitchen my 6yr old son demanded a super tasty snack and obviously as a mother I had to oblige.. this is what I made from whatever I could pull out of the cupboards and fridge.


Chicken sausages – 6
Egg – One
Flour – ½ cup
Bread crumbs – 1 cup
Dried herbs (oregano & basil) – 1 tsp
Dried chilli flakes – ½ tsp
Salt – as per taste
Oil - for frying


1. Mix the herbs & chilli flakes in the flour and in the breadcrumbs separately.

2. Now beat the egg and keep it aside.

3. Take one sausage at a time. Roll it in the flour mixture and

then dip it in the egg.

4. Now roll it in the bread mixture and ensure that the sausage is coated with the bread crumbs evenly on all sides.

5. Deep fry it in sufficient oil and serve hot.

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