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Chocolate Pudding

Tuesday, 21st August, 2018
There are very few places in life where you find solace and one such place is home. It takes lots of patience and lots of work to make a house – a home. While shifting to a new house the first thing on my agenda is to set up is the kitchen. My first dessert from my new kitchen was Chocolate Pudding. Here’s the recipe..

Ingredients (serves 4 to 5)

For the biscuit base
Digestive biscuits - 10 to 12
Butter – ½ cup
For the Chocolate Pudding
Eggs – 4
Milk - 2 cups
Sugar – 1 cup or as per taste
Dark Chocolate – 1 cup
For the topping
Whipping cream - 200 ml
Chocolate shavings - optional


1. First we need to do the biscuit base as it needs to cool down. You will need a springform cake tin. Crush the biscuits and melt the butter. Mix them and press onto the bottom of the cake tin. Let it cool down in the fridge for 20 mins.
2. For the chocolate pudding, Warm milk and sugar together and let it simmer gently.
3. Beat the eggs in a separate bowl. Take a small amount of warm milk and whisk into the eggs. Slowly pour the warm milk mixture into the eggs whisking continously.
4. Melt the chocolate and bring it to room temperature.
5. Pour the melted chocolate into the egg – milk mixture.
6. Put the whole milk mixture on low heat and continue whisking till it thickens up to lovely silky custard.
7. Pour it over the biscuit base and let it chill for an hour.
8. Whip the cream till you have firm soft peaks. Place a layer of cream over the chocolate pudding layer and decorate with chocolate shavings.
Serve it chilled.

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Radhika Malhotra on 22nd August, 2018
Thanks Mahua it looks yummy - will try it once I
Reema on 22nd August, 2018
Just great and fantabulous