Chilli Garlic and me

Diwali Mela stall

Wednesday, 14th November, 2012
I never ever thought that I would be putting up a food stall that too in a diwali fair but life is full of unexpected turns and twists and I am glad that this opportunity came my way through a friend. Swati’s gentle push and my husband’s strong support made me foray into this unknown arena. It was a wonderful experience firstly because it was really satisfying to see people enjoying your food and secondly because everything was SOLD OUT!! My very able assistant Shruti was a wonderful salesperson and accountant and her enthusiasm won everyone over. I was selling doughnuts, choco lava cake, choco chip muffin, walnut marble cake and pizza. The marble cake and choco lava cake was a huge hit. The lesson I learnt from this experience was never shy away from anything.. if you really determine there is nothing that you cannot achieve.

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vineet on 25th December, 2013
so proud of true never say never...