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Celebration of Chocolates (Part 1)

Monday, 9th September, 2013
My city is all decked up and glittering with decorations and colourful flags, set to welcome Lord Ganesha. I have been hearing drum rolls everywhere throughout the day marking the beginning of the weeklong celebrations. The festivities have rubbed on me somewhat and have inspired me to do this tri part series on chocolate cakes. I will be sharing with you in this series three different flavours of chocolate cakes with three different recipes. Hope that you will also bring in the celebrations into your kitchens with these delicious cakes. The first cake in this series is the Chocolate walnut cake. This recipe is based on Hershey’s chocolate cake recipe.


Flour - 2 cups
Castor sugar - 2 cups
Eggs – 2
Baking powder – 1 ½ tsp
Baking soda – ½ tsp
Milk – 1 cup (warm)
Cocoa powder – ¾ cup
Oil – ½ cup
Boiling water – 1 cup
Vanilla essence – 2 tbsp
Walnuts – ½ cup (chopped)


Though this is based on Hershey’s recipe but I have made slight changes in the process of making it.

1. Mix all the dry ingredients like flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar except the cocoa powder together.

2. Mix the cocoa powder in the boiling water and keep aside.

3. Now beat the oil with the eggs till they are mixed well. Add the cocoa mix to this and keep on mixing.

4. Add all the dry ingredients to this mixture.

5. Now add the milk. Mix well and ensure that there are no lumps. The mixture will be thin.

6. Coat the chopped walnuts with flour and add to the cake mix.

7. Grease a 9 inch baking tin and pour the cake mixture into it.

8. Preheat the oven to 190 to 200 degrees and bake the cake for 30 to 40 mins. Do check the cake by putting a skewer in the middle whether it is cooked before taking it out from the oven.

Let the cake cool down before taking it out from the cake tin. You can serve the cake just like that or decorate it with a butter cream frosting with shaved chocolate and chocolate chips.

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